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Home Energy Audits

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Extend the lifetime of your property, reduce your carbon footprint, and improve your energy bills by bring your home up to modern building standards.

Building Science

Common Air leaks in a home

Nurture Your Home Ecosystem

Your home is a vibrant ecosystem, and deserves the utmost care to flourish, ensuring every element functions harmoniously. By scheduling a Home Performance Test, you’re not just ensuring energy efficiency; you’re preserving the delicate balance of your home’s enclosure. It’s an investment in your seasonal comfort, your extra pocket money, and the environment.

Your home should be a sanctuary where you and your family thrive, where every nook and cranny hums in perfect unison, and lasts for generations.

The Significance of a Home Performance Test

Scheduling a HP Test

Scheduling a Home Performance Test is a profound investment in your home’s well-being. Imagine it as a thorough health check-up for your living space. During this process, Insight Property Services skilled professionals (like me) conduct a series of detailed evaluations. We employ advanced techniques like blower door testing, examining your home’s airtightness and identifying potential leaks. A crucial metric we assess is the ACH 50 Home rating, a measure of air changes per hour, ensuring your home meets EnergyStar standards for energy efficiency. Interior and exterior inspections unveil hidden issues, while thermal imaging reveals temperature inconsistencies, guiding targeted interventions.

Our team of BPI certified specialists meticulously evaluate the home’s insulation and air sealing, vital for consistent indoor temperatures. The outcome is not just a report; it’s a digital schematic detailing recommended upgrades and improvements, along with a list of recommended companies for repairs. Insight PS’s comprehensive approach ensures your home becomes an energy-efficient haven, tailored to your home’s need, fostering comfort, savings, and environmental responsibility.

Insight Home Performance test

Blower Door Test

A blower door test assesses a home’s airtightness. A powerful fan is temporarily installed, depressurizing the building, revealing air leaks. The results are measured as Air Changes per Hour at 50 Pascals (ACH50). A lower ACH50 score indicates a more airtight home. Sealing these leaks boosts energy efficiency, reducing utility costs and enhancing comfort. Builders and homeowners value an ACH50 score of 4 or lower to meet modern energy efficiency standards for sustainable, cost-effective homes.

Thermal Imaging

By capturing infrared images, thermal imaging unveils hidden mysteries within your walls. Air leaks, often elusive to the naked eye, stand exposed as temperature variations. Moisture, a silent threat, emerges as dark cold patches, guiding timely interventions to prevent mold and structural damage. Loose or missing insulation, critical for energy efficiency, appears as stark temperature disparities. Insight uses these images to empowers homeowners, ensuring efficient insulation, sealing leaks, and averting potential moisture issues.

Air Sealing & Insulating

Air sealing and insulation are the unsung heroes of home comfort and energy efficiency. Air sealing, closing gaps and cracks, ensures your home’s thermal envelope remains intact, preventing drafts and maintaining consistent temperatures. Insulation acts as a cozy blanket, conserving heat in winter and repelling it in summer. Together, they form a robust thermal barrier, safeguarding your home from external temperature fluctuations.

Insight combustion safety testing

Combustion Safety Testing

Combustion safety testing is a critical aspect of home inspections, especially in houses with appliances like gas furnaces, water heaters, and stoves. These tests ensure that these appliances are operating safely and efficiently, without posing a risk to the occupants. Various factors, such as proper venting, draft, and the absence of carbon monoxide leaks, are assessed to guarantee the appliances are functioning as intended and do not pose any health hazards to the residents.

It can be unsafe and hazardous for occupants, to improve or upgrade their homes air sealing or insulation without conducting a combustion safety test before and after work is conducted. For this reason, Insight PS performs a combustion safety test on all properties with scheduled Home Performance tests free of charge.

Inspector Jo partners with Insight Property Services, Inc

Inspector Jo is extending their services and knowledge by joining the Insight Property Services team. Joe Konopacki and the Insight P Services team have been providing home energy audits, home performance tests, combustion analyzation, certification course, trainings and more to the Chicagoland area for over 10 years. Inspector Jo New has joined the Insight team in order to grow as an inspector and provided even more detailed and informative services to their clients.

Ask for Inspector Jo New

If you’re in the Chicago area and looking for a home performance test contact Insight Property Services to schedule an appointment today. For that extra special, Inspector Jo touch, ask Anne specifically for Inspector Jo New.