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We’re looking for you

  • 1 min read

Chicago Real Estate Agents and Brokers

Inspector Jo has started sending out email to local real estate agents and brokers in the Oak Lawn and Chicago area. We’re ready to start booking inspections immediately.

Maybe your current inspector is just okay or kind of rude even? Maybe they are really busy and have limited appointments. Does your clients need extra understanding and simple explanations?

Some of the reasons you might want to hire Jo include:
– Quick Reports
– Agile Maneuverability
– Keen Eye
– Knowledgeable
– Friendly
– Simple online agreement
– Easy scheduling
– Availability
– Passionate

So what are you waiting for? Jo is waiting for you to call, 708.808.6125. She loves inspecting homes and you’ll love to have her on your team!

Local Contractors or Service Companies

Would you like to scratch someone’s back who is scratching yours? How about we partner up and I’ll send you clients that are looking for your service and you do the same for me! Contact us to be added to our trusted partners, let’s talk about what your mission, vision and values are and serve Oak Lawn with top tier service.